Techtool Pro 7

The professional-grade Mac toolkit for the rest of us.



Our latest product that continually checks your Mac for impending trouble.


The easiest way to get the most important technical information about your Mac.

Techtool Protogo 4

Build your own portable utility kit with boot system and other utilities.


    25 Years. $25*

    TechTool Pro 7, Protogo 4, and Checkmate

    Get any one of our products for only $25 each

    Since Micromat first opened its doors in 1989, we've been creating repair and diagnostic tools for Macintosh users, consultants and technicians. In fact, we were the first company to offer these types of tools to the public. 25 years later, we're still creating the tools that have helped millions of Mac users get their computers back in order and running at their very best. And to celebrate those 25 years of business, we're making a very special offer: For a limited time, we'll be offering any of our products for the unheard-of-price of only $25 each. But hurry up before this offer expires. We won't be doing anything like this again until our 50th anniversary. And by then we'll probably be charging twice the price.


    *Offer available until July 25, 2014

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